Apple Finally Gets Social, Hires Musa Tariq of Nike/Burberry

musa linkedin

Is Apple anti-social? Given the brand’s infamous non-presence on Twitter on Facebook, the answer for many would have been “yes.”

Today that answer has to change: Apple has hired the former social media chief for both Nike and Burberry.

Appropriately, Musa Tariq confirmed on Twitter yesterday that he is now Apple’s digital marketing director.

musa twitter

So what can we expect? What would you like to see from Tariq?

9To5Mac, which first broke the news, has rounded up a few of his most notable campaigns.

Below, are some of our favorites.

Burberry on Twitter with Tweetwalk Show


Analysis of the #Tweetwalk campaign revealed that it significantly boosted talk of both Burberry’s products and the Fashion Show.

Burberry Acoustic


Apple sits at a crossroads of sorts: the company that created many of the devices we use to feed our social media addictions has yet to establish a voice on social.

Where will Tariq and the brand will go from here?

One thing is clear: whatever direction they choose, millions of people will be listening.