Apple Expected To Show Growth In Earnings Call Tomorrow

Apple will report on its second quarter earnings tomorrow and analysts are expecting the company to sustain its profits. While Verizon has reported a drop in iPhone sales, industry analysts are reporting that iPhone sales overseas and sales for the new iPad will keep Apple’s revenues up. estimates that Apple’s revenues for the quarter will be around $36.56 billion for the quarter, which is up from $24.67 billion that the company earned in the same quarter last year.

The International Business Times has more: “Analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies expects the company to report shipments of 4.7 million MacPros, 7.1 million iPods, 33.2 million iPhones and 12.4 million iPads – all down significantly from the last quarter, which included holiday gift-buying.”

Apple Insider has additional estimates: “Chris Whitmore with Deutsche Bank also has high hopes ahead of Tuesday’s earnings report, as he expects Apple to beat consensus revenue and earnings per share estimates of $35.9 billion and $9.78, respectively. He has modeled for Apple to report sales of 26 million iPhones, 10 million iPads and 4.5 million Macs, though he noted that the iPhone number is ‘conservative.'”