Apple Enables Movie Purchases with Apple TV


Lost within the noise yesterday surrounding Apple’s announcement that it will begin selling new Warner releases the same day they’re available on DVD was an Apple TV upgrade. Macworld reports that Apple TV 2.0 owners can now buy movies directly from the set-top box, reversing a limitation that had in place since Apple updated Apple TV earlier this year.

Up until now, Apple TV users could only rent movies directly from their set-top box, the report said; movie purchases were limited to the desktop version of iTunes, which could then sync with Apple TV. Score another one for easy movie and music transfer between the Apple TV, the iPhone, iPods, and desktop PCs and Macs.

Still, we’re not breaking out the champagne until Apple stops insisting that all of this goodness only goes to people who buy movies and TV shows in the iTunes Store. I mean, come on, the rest of the world uses a DVR or, um, other methods to acquire content.