Apple by the Numbers for Fiscal 2011 Q1: 16.24M iPhones, 19.45M iPods, 7.33M iPads

Apple CEO Steve Jobs may be, unfortunately, ailing. However, the company he co-founded with Steve Wozniak is doing just fine according to their fiscal 2011 first quarter report.

Apple Reports First Quarter Results

Here’s Apple’s mobile story (which these days is most of the firm’s story):

– 16.24 million iPhone sold in the quarter (86% growth compared to the quarter a year ago)
– 19.45 million iPods sold (7% decline compared to the quarter a year ago). This is probably not a surprise as more people choose to buy an iPhone or iPad instead of an iPod.
– 7.33 million iPads sold in the quarter (no one year comparsion, of course)