Apple Appeals eBook Collusion Charges

Apple has filed an appeal against the verdict in its eBook pricing case. The company  is hoping to overturn the judgement that it is guilty of conspiring with publishers in order to fix the prices of eBooks.

The company is also appealing an injunction which currently keeps the company from including most-favored-nation clauses in its eBook contracts. Check it out: “Apple also hereby appeals from any and all orders and rulings that were adverse to it, whether or not subsumed within the September 6, 2013 Final Judgment, including—without limitation—this Court’s July 10, 2013 Opinion & Order as well as other rulings on liability, admissibility of evidence, and certain discovery requests. “

Publisher Simon & Schuster is also appealing their settlement. Under the current terms the publisher can’t negotiate new contracts with Apple for at least three years from now. Gigaom has more:

Simon & Schuster was one of the first publishers to settle with the Department of Justice back in 2012, but Judge Cote’s injunction against Apple puts Simon & Schuster — and the four other settling publishers — at a disadvantage by significantly extending the amount of time that the publishers are required to allow Apple to discount their ebooks.