Apple and Verizon iPhone Team-up in 2010???

We’ve all read the stories about Verizon rejecting Apple’s attempt to partner with them for the first iPhone rollout a few years ago. Well, according to USA Today, they are talking again…
Apple and Verizon consider iPhone deal
And, I’m guessing Apple has a bit more leverage this time around 🙂
The current exclusive AT&T iPhone distribution deal expires in 2010. And as one of the article’s quote says:

The biggest loser? “AT&T,” Entner says. “It would be a reversal of fortune, because a lot of people who have been disappointed in AT&T’s network but love the iPhone would probably” jump to Verizon.

If you’ve seen one of my iPhone 3G “No Service” screenshots here’s you know that I’ll be one of the current iPhone customers who will jump over to Verizon for service even though I will have to buy a new CDMA iPhone to replace my current GSM iPhone. Verizon and Sprint have a CDMA voice network while AT&T and T-Mobile have GSM networks.