Apple & Amazon Ordered to Meet Over ‘App Store’ Name Conflict

Apple and Amazon have been ordered by U.S. Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Laporte to meet to attempt to resolve their differences over the use of the term “App Store.”

AllThingsDigital has the story:

The discussion is to be held on March 21 and attended by executives with full authority to negotiate and to settle the case. And make no mistake, they must attempt to settle it. “No participant in the settlement conference will be permitted to leave the settlement conference before it is concluded,” Laporte wrote in her order.

Last year, Apple filed a complaint against Amazon claiming a trademark of the term “App Store.” Earlier this month, the judge ruled against Apple’s claim of false advertisement, stating that “no evidence that a consumer who accesses the Amazon Appstore would expect that it would be identical to the Apple APP STORE, particularly given that the Apple APP STORE sells apps solely for Apple devices.” A trial is set to begin on August 19, 2013.