Applause Partners with Crittercism to Improve Mobile App Quality

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App quality company Applause (formerly uTest) has announced its partnership with app performance management company Crittercism to combine the companies’ specialties into a suite of tools developers can use to manage their apps before and after launch. This will ensure consumers are receiving the best quality experiences possible, while also helping decrease time-to-market.

Using Applause, developers receive in-the-wild mobile testing prior to launching apps in full on app stores. This allows them to identify issues and fix them before releasing those apps to the general public, with a focus on user friendliness, localization testing, load and security testing for consumer privacy and more.

Once an app is live, Crittercism’s tools help developers monitor the app’s performance on the app store. Together, this produces a higher-quality end product, which will, in theory, maximize sales and increase positive brand recognition among consumers.

“In today’s app economy, where switching costs have decreased to virtually zero, it’s more important than ever for companies to provide winning digital experiences that work flawlessly in the hands of users,” said Applause CEO Doron Reuveni. “The combination of Crittercism’s mAPM tools and Applause’s mobile testing services and tools will provide the “outside-in” approach to improving app quality.”

“The need for app performance management and testing solutions to ensure quality app delivery and speedy time-to-market is growing exponentially,” added Andrew Levy, co-founder and CEO of Crittercism. “Our partnership with Applause highlights our joint commitment to helping our customers maximize the performance of their apps, reduce development release cycles and accelerate mobile growth.”