AppData: Traffic updates on Slide and RockYou!

Since the initial launch of the Facebook platform, Slide and RockYou! have battled for top developer status. While RockYou! has continued to acquire applications as a means of expansion, Slide has focused on core properties and introduced a new application to the platform in late October.

Using data from our sister site AppData, we’ve compiled traffic data for the top four applications from both companies to get a sense of their overall recent performance.

To learn more, check out the 8 apps below.

Slide’s top four applications:

1. Top Friends -504,596 MAU, down 2.97% in the past 30 days

After a privacy related suspension in late June, Top Friends recovered and today is one of the platform’s largest applications. Slide has since integrated gaming functionality that closely resembles both Friends for Sale and Owned!. In the application, each user’s Top Friends profile is assigned a value and can be purchased and sold.

2. Slide FunSpace +1,970,412 MAU, up 15.07% in the past 30 days

While FunSpace’s traffic has significantly declined from its all-time highs, in the last 30 days the application posted a promising 15.07% gain.

3. SuperPoke! -592,343 MAU, down 11.62% in the past 30 days

4. SuperPoke! Pets (currently at 472,402 MAU)

A more recent addition to the Facebook platform, SuperPoke! Pets is another step forward for Slide into the booming gaming space. In the application, users adopt and raise pets, and use coins (earned through invitation sending) to purchase items for them.

RockYou’s top four applications:

1. Super Wall +195,424 MAU, up 1.06% in the past 30 days

Now the second largest application on the AppData application leader board, Super Wall’s traffic has remained strong since our last report posted in late October.

2. Hug Me +589,804 MAU, up 13.87% in the past 30 days

3. Pieces of Flair +143,995 MAU, up 3.32% in the past 30 days

4. Likeness -1,586,325 MAU, down 32.61% in the past 30 days

Unlike RockYou’s other top apps, both Likeness and Likeness UNRATED have suffered major traffic declines of late.

While Slide and RockYou! develop on a number of open platforms, Facebook is clearly still a major driver for both companies. That being said, it remains to be seen who will be on top on Facebook this time next year – will someone be able to unseat RockYou and Slide?