Appboy reveals In-App News Feeds to increase click-through rates

Image via Appboy

Mobile relationship management company Appboy has announced its in-app News Feed, aimed at increasing click-through rates and overall user engagement. Developers can use the News Feed to show custom messages and announcements to specific groups of users, and are encouraged to use the News Feed alongside Appboy’s other tools, like push notifications, in-app messages and mobile emails.

News Feeds can be customized to one of four different templates, and can display content of varying lengths and visual types. The News Feed is a permanent addition to the app, allowing users to access the News Feed content whenever they’d like, and allowing developers to send out push notifications over time that lead users to the feed.

Since soft-launching the News Feed a few weeks ago, companies like Urban Outfitters, Bloomberg and Text+ have included the News Feed in their engagement campaigns with fast results. The platform has seen a 30 percent click-through rate, in contrast to the 0.8 percent click-through rate Appboy says is seen with standard mobile display ads.

“Appboy’s News Feed has made a measurable impact on our fall messaging campaigns, including our Top Up Tuesdays promotion,” says Tricia Bertero, CMO of Text+, in a statement. “Using the product in conjunction with targeted push notifications helped us convert a significant portion of non-paying users into customers and increased our average revenue per user.”

Appboy has experienced 400 percent growth in the last nine months, with a roster that sits at over 1,000 clients. It closed a $7.6 million Series A funding round at the beginning of November 2013, and announced support for the Unity game development platform just days later. A complete rundown of Appboy’s mobile relationship management toolset is available on its website.