Appbistro’s Facebook Page Tab Application Marketplace Gets a Verified Developer Program

Facebook Page tab applications marketplace Appbistro today launched its Verified Developer Program, a distinction it awards to developers offering high quality, reliable apps and strong customer support.

Chosen developer will gain the advantage of having their apps display Appbistro’s Verified Developer badge and appear at the top of search results and app category indexes on the Appbistro marketplace.

The program acts as a third-party version of Facebook’s Preferred Developer Consultant Program, except that it is specifically for Page tab app developers and Appbistro earns a 30% affiliate fee on the sale of any app in its marketplace, verified or otherwise.

Currently upon submission to Appbistro, Page tab apps are given a one to five-star rating based on virality, content management, administrative experience, user experience, and scalability. The Verified Developer distinction is awarded independently of this rating. The launch partners, who will be the first to display the Verified Developer award, are Facebook e-commerce and storefront provider Payvment, job posting tab maker Work For Us, and welcome tab builder Pagemodo. They were chosen for having valuable apps, good customer support, and a high monthly active user count.

Director of Business Development Rhett Stonelake says Appbistro is now accepting inquiries regarding inclusion in the program, but that developers new to the marketplace will undergo a 30 to 40 day trial period to vet their long term customer support before being considered.

When a developer is admitted, all of their apps will receive the distinction and the associated advantages. A self-written blurb about the developer is also added to their app profiles. There is no specific cap on how many developers can be admitted, and developers will be warned if the quality or support of their apps drops such that they are in danger of being expelled.

Appbistro says they’re aiming to solve the Page tab app discoverability problem. Since some apps with high utility don’t have inherent virality, it can be hard for admins to find them, especially since Facebook removed links to the Application Directory. The Verified Developer Program does not discriminate based on size, making it accessible to small companies or even app hobbyists as long as they meet the requirements. While the launch of the program may also be designed to bring press and traffic to AppBistro, it does provide a distribution channel for any Page tab app developer which is committed to quality.

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