Appatyze Launches Facebook App Display Ad Network

Today, UK-based Appatyze launched the private beta of a display ad network specifically for Facebook app developers and advertisers. Appatyze focuses on making it easy for developers to install its ad bar and choose between competing advertisers.

Though there is plenty of competition in the space, judging by the 70-plus other companies on Facebook’s approved ad network list, Appatyze’s simplicity might make it a good choice for independent developers who want to quickly begin monetizing their traffic.

The Appatyze ad bar accommodates five different ad formats, ranging in pixel size from 590 by 80 to 110 by 80. The service’s ad editor lets advertisers choose their size, border, and intro message. They can then place and manage bids, and follow their campaigns in Appatyze’s internal analytics.

As is typical, Appatyze charges developers a commission on the income they receive, and doesn’t charge advertisers or developers an agency fee. The company is backed by Ian Livingstone, founder of Eidos Interactive.

Though its service offering is a stripped-down version of what other larger, more established ad networks such as the Rubicon Project offer, Appatyze can carve out a niche on Facebook. For developers wanting to optimize display monetization, Appatyze could be worth adding to the rotation to see how it compares to other networks.