App Center now available in non-English speaking countries

Facebook announced that as of today its App Center is available to all people in Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey.

Users in these countries can now access the App Center by going to or by clicking on the App Center bookmark on the lefthand navigation column of their homepage.

Facebook says App Center has already driven millions of app installs since it launched in the U.S. last month. The social network emphasizes that App Center is a place for “high-quality” apps. The dashboard is personalized for each user, sorting apps by category and user ratings, as well as by what a user’s friends have added. If a user has blocked an app in the past, it will not appear in App Center. In some cases, the dashboard will also hide an app if a user has already connected with it.

Users who visit the App Center will find a personalized and localized experience with apps such as BBC Sport (UK), Deezer (France), Terra (Brazil), and EyEm (Germany).

Facebook began accepting submissions for translated app detail pages when they began roll out of the App Center to other English speaking countries. Developers can submit translated app detail pages by using the “localize” tab within their app dashboard.

In order for an app to appear in App Center, developers must follow a set of submission guidelines and wait for review from Facebook. The company says it uses a variety of signals — including user feedback and engagement within apps — to determine whether or not an app will be listed in App Center. Details about how to submit an app to be listed are available here.

Facebook will likely discuss App Center and how well it’s been performing tomorrow during the company’s first earnings call. We will have coverage of Facebook’s numbers sometime after 2 p.m. Pacific Time.