APOCALYPSE WATCH: Solar Farm Rejected Because ‘It’ll Kill the Town’

Take that, Obama!

Just when you thought America was coming around on the whole climate change discussion comes a recent vote in Woodland, N.C., that would make Bill Nye the Science Guy hand in his papers and consider becoming an art teacher.

The vote denied approval of a solar farm.

With solar energy, we know savings will come, carbons will decrease, and the environment will thank us. Does that matter to the denizens of this rural town of 809? Not in the least.

The concern? Plants won’t grow and the panels will “suck up all the energy from the sun.”

Jane Mann is a retired science teacher from the region in the Smoky Mountains and is concerned that photosynthesis, which depends upon sunlight, “would not happen and would keep the vegetation from growing.” Her rationale is based on observations from near solar panels where vegetation is brown and dead because “it did not receive enough sunlight.”

Yes, solar panels murdered plants. Bad panels… bad!

She also said that plants near solar farms do not thrive because there wasn’t enough sunshine left over for them to photosynthesize. She also evinced a belief that solar panels cause cancer. Her husband added that solar panels “suck up all the energy from the sun.”

The town council did the current administration one better — they voted a moratorium on all future solar farms because of the effective fearmongering caused by Jane’s husband, Bobby:

“You’re killing your town,” he said. “All the young people are going to move out.”

In a town of slightly more than 800, you need all the taxable income you can get. Too bad solar panels don’t plug into a socket. Maybe the fear of helping the earth wouldn’t be such a bad thing.