Aplication About Pages Get Upgraded

Application pages got a serious upgrade last night. Now, not only can you add an application but you can also become a fan of that application enabling you to post reviews and join the discussion board for that application. It is now possible to also add application to your application about page (yes … you can put applications within applications). The new changes are significant for application developers.

Suddenly application about pages have become increasingly promotional and you can customize your pages beyond an image and text about your application. In addition to receiving an upgrade to the about page, applications will now have improved statistical information. The new statistics resemble the Facebook pages statistical information but provide even more detailed data regarding ads, removes and blocks of your application.

By default, the reviews application is now added to your application about page and cannot be removed. I have a funny feeling that Facebook may eventually use these reviews as a method for displaying “highest rated applications.” This will make the application directory even more efficient for browsing. Facebook is rapidly improving upon their platform and have defined themselves as the leader in social platforms. There are definitely changes that still need to be made and it appears as though Facebook is dedicated to making those changes.

Are you an application developer? How will the changes effect your applications?

Facebook Application Pages