APB Retribution: A gritty top-down shooter on iOS


Reloaded Games and Blazing Griffin have released APB Retribution on iOS devices, bringing a top-down tactical shooter experience to players, set in the same universe as the APB Reloaded MMO. The game sees players setting out on a quest for revenge against Old Harry, a gang leader who left our hero for dead.

Gameplay in APB Retribution is level based, presenting players with isolated (but usually large) locations for exploration. Players can attack enemies using either their fists or weapons picked up from fallen foes, with combat occurring automatically after players tap to target an enemy.

Enemies have view cones, allowing players to strategically navigate environments, running past some enemies if they choose, based on the direction they’re currently facing. In addition to enemy view cones, players must also pay attention to their environment and debris in their path. Walking on glass, for instance, makes noise that attracts enemies. Likewise, standing in the glow of a street light would also make the player more visible to nearby enemies.


Players can collect both guns and knifes as they play, among other weapons, offering more strategy as players can choose to take on groups of enemies from afar with guns, or get in close with items like machetes. While staying out of range with guns is safer, they’re also noisy, and can attract guards who may have been previously oblivious to the situation.

At the end of each stage, players earn up to three skulls as a rating for the mission, and can replay stages to learn more about the story or go for a better score.

APB Retribution is now available on iOS for $1.99 and supports iPhone 4S or higher. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.