AP Mobile News Clips Articles Directly to Evernote: Great for Everyone but Writers

Evernote’s blog announced this back on July 15…

Integration Spotlight: AP Mobile for iPhone

But, given the Associated Press’ announcement that (press release link)…

Associated Press to build news registry to protect content

…I’m removing AP’s website from my iPhone web browser favorites list and removing the app from my iPhone. Why tempt the fates by accidentally linking to AP news content? I assume it is ok to link to their press release (non-news content) above.

This new AP Mobile app feature to clip items directly to Evernote sounds like a useful one for the vast majority of people. But, as someone who frequently writes commentary on mobile news generated by other sources, I want to make sure I don’t accidentally use AP news items.

Here’s hoping that Reuters updates their app to provide directy clipping to Evernote 🙂