AP: Milking this whole Internet-as-primary-news-source thing

The Associated Press will soon charge news outlets for online use of its stories and photos. AP plans to implement a fee schedule to subscribers in January 2006, to be determined this summer, according to Newsday. This, for a change, is not good news for newspapers, whose circulation numbers as we know are dropping, which translates into less ad revenues to pay for AP web fees. It’s not great for the websites who run AP stuff, either, I guess. Or for readers, really, after media outlets cut back on expensive AP wire use. Actually, really it’s only good for AP.

In any case, here’s a sampling of site numbers (unique U.S. visitors in March) for the top ten news sites (courtesy of Newsday, our late-afternoon posting friend):

MSNBC – 24.8 million
Yahoo News – 23.4 million
CNN – 21.9 million
AOL News – 17.7 million
Gannett Newspapers – 11.4 million
Internet Broadcasting Systems – 11.2 million
(i.e. local TV stations)
Knight Ridder Newspapers – 10.5 million
NYTimes.com – 10 million
USAToday.com – 9.6 million
Tribune Newspapers – 9.5 million
(includes Newsday.com, NYNewsday.com)