AP Blamed for Political Bias by…FOX News’ Greta Van Susteren?!

She's blaming who of what?!

When you’re a photographer, you have to develop a quick trigger finger. Go with your gut. And understand that if you are not ready, you could miss that next big photo. The Associated Press’ Charlie Neibergall is one such professional.

And now, because of the oddly (or so awesomely) timed photo, he has developed an enemy that has accused his entire company of political bias. The always impartial FOX News and Greta Van Susteren.

Wait, what?!

guntexcruz2While she may not be the most vocally partisan pundit, Greta has been known to throw out some affiliation shade from time-to-time. This was one of those times as she felt the AP was targeting (no pun intended) Senator Ted Cruz.

“The Associated Press has some explaining to do!” Van Susteren exclaimed. “The AP says that it was an accident,” she said of the photos of Cruz. “But if the frame shots were accidental, why did the AP send the pics out to everyone in the news business?”

We expect FOX News, MSNBC and even CNN to extol the greatness of one presidential candidate or another via their respective talking heads. But the Associated Press?!

Journalism lost its last impartial giant when Bob Schieffer bid us adieu, so many see AP, Reuters, Scripps-Howard and their ilk as the last “unbiased” sources out there.

So maybe FOX should stop acting like a pot and calling the kettle…well, never mind. You’ve used that one too.