AOL Makes Music With Tour Tracker

Ever show up at a concert and have absolutely no clue who the opening act is slated to be? That information, along with who’s on the road performing, can be located on Tour Tracker, AOL Music’s free new Web service.

We’ll tell you all about the features this site offers, but one thing is clear; at the end of the day, the site is designed to sell tickets (and they’re hoping you’ll use your American Express card to do it.)
Using a Mapquest mashup you can enter a venue’s zip code and see shows plotted on a map. Aside from knowing who’s where. there is also a ‘Heat index’ that shows a concert’s demand. The left homepage navigation features the hottest tours by genre.

Grab directions, see what’s nearby a concert venue, or e-mail/IM a show to a buddy. You can also search for shows using the site’s who / where when search engine.

There is a content edge to site as well. From ridiculous riders (yes, Cher really demanded a wig room) to tour photos, you can get the latest music happenings and blogs provided by

One odd thing about Tour Tracker is that a lot of homepage real estate is devoted to tonight’s shows. Let’s be honest, any show worth seeing is likely sold out.