Launches Android Calendar App

The creators of the popular task and to-do list app have released a new calendar app for Android. Aptly named “Cal,” the app syncs your calendars and delivers it in a visually appealing daily planner with maps, quick access to contacts and even a way to call up an Uber — the cab service for the mobile set. It also allows users to sync with the Any.Do app.

Reviews on Google Play gave Cal high marks the day of its release, but the small handful of reviews for the version of Cal already available in the Apple store were less than stellar. (The app has 4.2 stars on Android but only 2 stars on iOS.)

Here’s a bit more information on the new app from the makers of Cal:

Social and location integrations predict who you want to meet and even suggest nearby places for meeting them tasks are perfectly woven into your calendar so you can see what needs to get done for each event

Cal knows when you’ll need to get on the road and let’s you seamlessly get an Uber, or use a Google Maps to navigate your way there

Swipe, tilt, and flow your way through a productive day while still finding time between commitments to refocus on what matters

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