Anvil of my eye: Gore and violence replacing Acme Rocket Sleds

Children’s television is riddled with violence, much of it darker and more realistic than the good old days, when an anvils dropped on heads were the way rivals got dispatched. Wylie_Ski.jpg

The AP today reports that the Parents Television Council has analyzed 444 hours of kids’ daytime programs last summer and detailed 2,794 violent incidentsfor an average of 6.3 violent incidents an hour – more than than the prime time fare watched by adults.

The report does get a few things wrong. The PTC study details

“a scene on Fox’s “Shaman King” where two characters have a lengthy sword fight. One character is knocked out by a blow to the head, and his opponent reaches into the chest of his screaming rival and pulls out his “soul,” leaving him dead.”

Actually, that’s not a scene from “Shaman King”; we recently saw it performed by David Geffen on Universal Pictures’ Ron Meyer.