ANTM: Too Many Cooks in the Edit Bay? When Being Photogenic’s Not Enough


America’s Next Top (non) Model doubled the number of editor/storytellers from last season, but the judges/producers must all have suffered strokes over hiatus. They sent home a girl whose pictures are fine, but lacks “personality”. Any random observer can leaf through Vogue and look at photos of stunning young women who probably can’t tell you their own names with any degree of conviction.

Since the naughty, naughty writers cast their lots in with the WGA, Ken Mok et al. had no choice but to hire more editors, and judging by the results, most of them had never watched the show, since they were too busy working on Okie Noodin’. (And the story producer/writers? Most of them can’t get work, thanks to the WGA hanging them out to dry.)

FBLA learned that Jay Manuel, creative director, dreams up the photo shoots, unless the producers gang up on him. Viewers can tell by a simple rule of thumb–the Fear Factor ones are the brainchildren of the producers. The boring ones are Jay’s. His ideas do produce great photos, which circles back to our lede. Who sends home the photogenic girl and keeps the Russian mail-order bride whose film looks like Argosy magazine covers, circa 1957? Maybe there aren’t as many gay men on this show as we thought.

FBLA commends Cover Girl for using Heatherette in the ad with Caridee. Heatherette–coked-out club kids? On the CW? Praise the lord and pass the pancake.

And was Birmingham High chosen because the gym was used in Carrie or because it’s outside the 30 mile zone?

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