Anti-Tobacco Group Turns to Mobile Games

Big tobacco recently added a rare notch to its “win” column when a US appeals court struck down the FDA’s requirement that each pack of cigarettes sold in this country include a series of up to nine new warning labels.

The smoke ‘em if you got ‘em industry shouldn’t rest easy, though–opponents looking for new ways to spread their anti-tobacco message think they’ve hit on a popular solution: mobile video games. The strategy makes sense because smokers tend to start young, so the most effective anti-tobacco campaigns may well succeed by appealing to young viewers and couch their messages in popular entertainment.

Based on this trailer video from American Legacy Foundation‘s Truth group, we don’t know if Big Tobacco needs to worry too much. When we were kids we lost interest in games as soon as we realized they were “educational”, so we can’t see “Flavor Monsters” turning into the next Angry Birds anytime soon. Those graphic photos of diseased lungs may have made for better deterrents. What do you think, PR pros?