Anothr – add RSS feed to Skype

I’m a big fan of Skype because it is great tool to speak/chat with friends and also it ease many things at work – much faster, cheaper and comfortable tool to communicate with others. Now with help of ProBlogger I know one more possibility how to use Skype. It is called Anothr – free RSS Bot.

Anothr - Skype RSS Bot

The best thing about Anothr is that you don’t need do download any additional software or even register account – all you need to do is add Anothr to your contact list and later subscribe to feeds. You will see the message with the new post, when it will be published and there will be no need to check your feed aggregator for new posts every five minutes. But I must agree with Darren that you must choose only the most important feeds, because it is too irritating to receive a notification every time when someone posts an article.

Subscribe by Anothr

But actually is works very well also like comment notifier. I, for example, added RotorBlog comment feed and now when people post a comment in my blog, so I can read it almost immediately and post an answer. But again you must be careful – it works fine when number of comments that you receive is relatively low.