Another Twitter Death Hoax: “RIP Mick Jagger”

No, he’s not dead: but the trending topics on Twitter would have us think that legendary Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger had passed away. Wednesday morning, “RIP Mick Jagger” was a worldwide trending topic, giving many music-lovers a small heart attack when they logged in to today.

Mick Jagger is very much alive, but Twitter is enjoying its little “joke”: “RIP Mick Jagger” has been trending for several hours this morning.

With tweets like “RIP Mick Jagger? No, no, no. He’s not dead. He just looks like he is.” from user Its_Death and “Just because there’s more meat on a chariot’s whip than on Mick Jagger, doesn’t mean he’s dead. RIP Twitter Sanity.” from Lord_G_Almighty, you quickly get the sense that this is all just a big laugh.

We’re not sure how these rumors started, but we’re sure Mick Jagger is very much alive. He rocked the Grammys on Sunday, which may be the reason he’s in the Twitter spotlight today.

Other celebrities have fallen victim to Twitter death hoaxes as well, some of whom have had to deal with rather embarrassing media coverage. Owen Wilson, Johnny Depp, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Charlie Sheen, Aretha Franklin and Aaron Carter are just some of the famous faces said to have died on Twitter.

So what is it about Twitter and death hoaxes? In the early days, death hoaxes were picked up by the mainstream media and reported as true, before any verification was done. Perhaps sly Twitter users keep trying to trick the media, despite it having learned to look beyond Twitter to check rumors like these.

Either way, don’t get too worked up over death reports in Twitter’s trending topics… they’re usually just a strange community-wide joke.