Another Reporter Quits Kremlin-Funded News Network Because Truth and Ethics

Steven Segal RT News

Man, they get all the good interviews.

Just when you think you have lost hope in network news, a story like this comes along trying to restore that faith. Now, if only you can get over the fact it’s from MOSCOW! Yes, really.

The RT is a Russian news network that has one huge setback in that “unbiased reporting” angle — it is completely funded by the Russian government and Putin runs the thing. You can imagine no one is talking to smack to that president on-air right?

ICYMI, there’s a little news in the Ukraine about a “tragic mistake,” which some Ukrainian officials have called shooting down a Malaysian passenger jet mistaken for the enemy. Despite that horrific murder of 295 people, the RT is in full spin mode, which caused one reporter to grow a set of ethics and quit.

Russia Today reporter Sara Firth decided she had enough of the propaganda machine and said “when.”

Reports are global that the RT is taking the defensive on the “I didn’t do it” position, and forcing its reporters to read directly from the teleprompter if they know what’s good for them. Firth bottled her angst for what would be her last report and then quit via tweet.

But she wasn’t done there. She went on an entire bridge-burning campaign that went viral. Here’s a question from one of her fans:

Someone needs to call homegirl to run for amnesty here because they don’t take too kindly to that kind fat lip up north (and across the ocean). And then, she had to clear her conscience too.

As admirable as that was, she has not been the first to leave the network fingers blazing. One RT America anchor, Liz Wahl, did it live on air. When things like this happen, just remember folks, we don’t have it that bad with CNN, FOX, and MSNBC. You know, yet.