Another Journalist Targeted for Wearing Google Glass

glassSan Francisco is a dangerous place to flaunt Google Glass. For the second time this year, a person was targeted for wearing the device – this time, in broad daylight at a BART station.

The second victim is 20-year-old journalist at Business Insider, Kyle Russell, who was attacked just moments after writing a story about an anti-tech protest march in the same neighborhood. According to Russell, the attacker yelled, “Glass,” before snatching the electronic device off of his face and running from the scene. After chasing the thief through traffic, the attacker smashed the glasses to the ground and ran off in another direction. Police were unable to track down the culprit. Russell now has a broken, unusable Glass and plenty of unsympathetic tweets from San Franciscans.



google glass

He admitted that he should not have been wearing them in such a tech-hostile environment, but that doesn’t assuage the writer from feeling wrongfully targeted. He’s a Berkeley residence and doesn’t even work for a “startup” or Google.

If you’re in the market for Google Glass, the company is opening its explorer program to everyone on April 15, 2014. Just don’t wear them in San Francisco.