Another Facebook Bands Offering

Facebook BandsLast night I noticed a new bands application in the Facbook application directory created by Patrick Keenum. This is the first one to launch that is not a branded application for bands. Any band can have their own band page that includes their music, bio, pictures, gigs, lyrics and video. Additionally there is space for fands, band members and a wall. Ultimately, these are the basic features of any successful band social network site (e.g. Pure Volume). My only criticism of this application is that it doesn’t inherit existing Facebook styles effectively. If a basic version of this was created that included simple looking Facebook styles, I think this application could become insanely popular. While Numair Faraz has already stated that he is looking to launch a bands application in the coming weeks, I have a feeling that timing is critical. Maybe I am naive but I think there is a huge opportunity here. The next step though is getting good bands. If you know of any good bands that enjoy using Facebook tell them to check out this application. Currently there are only a few songs (none of which are phenomenal) but I have a feeling that this will soon change. If you want to see the competition among Facebook band applications in real-time, go grab the fBand application.