Anonymous Source: Google Actively Dogfooding "Facebook Killer"

According to an anonymous Quora responder Google is actively dog-fooding their new "Facebook killer", which is not actually called "Google Me".

-Facebook Sniper Icon-According to an anonymous Quora responder Google is actively dog-fooding their new “Facebook killer”, which is not actually called “Google Me”.

The anonymous user published the following statement in response to the question, “Is Google dogfooding Google Me yet?”:

Yes, Emerald City has been integrated into numerous products and is being actively used internally.

Emerald City is the project name for what people outside of Google refer to as “Google Me”. Lots of existing projects like youtube, google docs, search, calendar, groups, picassa, etc have had significant social integrations added to them. This is an ongoing project that will launch as a major initiative across multiple services at once and many of the hooks endusers will see are currently being tested internally. It is by no means done and is extremely ambitious in nature.

This information jives with the little information that we’ve heard from people with knowledge of the project. However information has been extremely scarce. We also haven’t heard that the project name is Emerald City, but we definitely have heard that “Google Me” is not the name of the project from multiple sources which would support the idea that “Emerald City” could be the project name, obviously a reference to The Wizard Of Oz.

We also recently covered the news that the Google has postponed their strike against Facebook until early 2011. There’s no doubt that we’re all waiting to hear more details about Google’s attempt to create a defense against Facebook.