W.gifA few months ago our boss, Laurel Touby, suggested that our blogs needed to be doing more stories on how the Web continues to transform how media companies run their businesses — whether through content distribution, consolidation, social networking, live video, Web-only exclusives, search & research (what did we do before Google and Wikipedia?)

But rather than add more content across the blogs, we suggested a blog devoted solely to the Web. Two years ago, when he was still writing, Brian Stelter had suggested a similar idea.

And so, with the new year comes a new blog — WebNewser.

We’ll bring you breaking news and new initiatives. We’ll track which media companies are coming out ahead in the Web game and who’s falling behind. Plus, we’ll bring you job changes, Web ratings and inside stories from our ‘web’ of anonymous tipsters.

The word of the year in 2008 was ‘change.’ Our industry saw a lot of it this past year. Some of it in the form of job losses as media companies face an uncertain 2009. But what is certain is that the media will continue to pour resources into the Web — is expanding; CBS Interactive is taking on-air advantage of its acquisition of CNET; and NBCU added one of the most valuable brands on the Web this year with

WebNewser will be your source for the news about Web news.