Anne-Marie O’Neill’s Journey From Newspapers to People to

Anne-Marie-O'Neil-articleIt is a difficult task to move halfway across the world. However, Anne-Marie O’Neill did just that when she left Time in Sydney, Australia, to begin working at People in New York. (Her background included a stint as national correspondent for all of Rupert Murdoch’s metro daily newspapers.) After serving as a writer and editor for several years doing hard news and features, the transition to celebrity journalism was “easy and fun,” said O’Neill.

When the celeb grind got to be too much for the mother of twin boys, she made another move within Time Inc. to work on Real Simple as deputy editor. Of her varying editorial roles, O’Neill said:

Having a background as a reporter, getting training on newspapers, was incredibly valuable and has been valuable my entire career, whether it’s reporting on fashion or beauty, or anything. What I’ve always loved about this job is the variety, so I never felt stuck in a particular niche. I’ve always felt like I can apply the skills that I’ve earned and learned to whatever’s thrown at me. I’ve been lucky to have that kind of training.

Now, the print veteran has made yet another transition. She moved to the West Coast to help launch parenting/lifestyle site, where she serves as general manager.

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