Animated Series Premieres On Facebook Next Week

The Scrimms is an eight-epioside original series that claims to be the first dramatic series of its kind produced on Facebook.

If you’re intrigued with the idea of watching an original series about Facebook, on Facebook, then check out “The Scrims.”

The eight-episode original series purports to be the first dramatic series of its kind produced on Facebook, and sounds pretty interesting, assuming the press release isn’t exaggerating.
The release promises a “provocative story” about a Facebook family (whatever that means) “torn apart by greed, obsession, and loss of privacy.” It sounds like the show will attempt to bring to light the fact we’re sharing a lot more information than we think we are — as if we didn’t already know that.
Developed by Social Smart LLC, a marketing agency in Boston, the new series takes inspiration from the Wall Street Journal‘s “What They Know” feature about the use of Internet-tracking technology and what that means for the privacy of web users.
“The Scrimms” premieres on Facebook March 8, 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. In order to watch, you’ll have to “like” the page first. Even though the characters are animated, the show isn’t for kids — the series is intended for “mature audiences,” meaning 18 and over. You can learn more about the show here.
Do you think you’ll check out the show on Facebook next week?