Angry Birds Update Requires New Permissions

Rovio has released an update to Angry Birds that supports the special unlock code that displayed during this year’s Super Bowl. The update includes 30 new levels and a Wild West themed portion of the game. The Android version also includes the ability to adjust the display to support lower resolution displays.

After hearing about the update, I opened the Android Market on my Nexus S to install it and found that it requires new permissions. In particular, the new version requires access to SMS messages, including the ability to send SMS messages. According to Rovio, the reason why Angry Birds needs to send SMS messages is to support a new in-app purchasing feature.

With the new version of Angry Birds users will be able to by the Might Eagle and other content using the Bad Piggy Bank, which works through operator billing. Payments are made via mobile operators by sending an SMS message. For now, however, purchasing only works in Finland for Elisa customers. Rovio says for now purchases cannot be made in other countries, but apparently the capability will become more widely available in the future.