Angry Birds Rio Launching Today – Amazon Android App Store Too?

Rovio tweeted that their new Angry Birds Rio game would be available some time today (Mar. 22) for 99 cents.

Angry Birds Rio Launching (landing?) On Tue. Mar. 22 for 99 Cents

Amazon and Rovio previously announced that Angry Birds Rio for Android would be available exclusively through the as-yet-unlaunced Amazon App Store. So, does that mean that Amazon’s app store launches today too? That’s my guess. And if the Kindle best-seller list is any indication, Amazon couldn’t launch it too early.

At one point over the weekend, Amazon’s top 100 paid list for the Kindle included three games in the top five of that list:

1. Scrabble (EA)
2. Solitaire (EA)
5. Mahjong Solitaire (Mobigloo)

All three Kindle games are priced at 99 cents. The Kindle is not known or marketed as a game playing device. Despite this, three games rose to dominate he top 5 of the top 100 paid list for a brief period of time (it was the weekend, I suppose). Games are a huge part of mobile devices’ software ecosystem – even for a dedicated ebook reader. It would make perfect sense for Amazon’s App Store for Android devices to launch today along with Angry Birds Rio.

UPDATE:: I don’t see an Android App Store at:

However, numerous sources report that Amazon has launched its long awaited Android App Store there.

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