Angry Birds Rio Launching (landing?) On Tue. Mar. 22 for 99 Cents

Last week’s Angry Birds updates for its iPhone and iPad editions created a lot of angry customers with the inclusion of what some consider overly aggressive advertisements in a paid game app.

Rules of the Game for Angry Birds: When is Advertisement Not OK?

Rovio’s average customer rating dropped a full point from 4.5 for its previous Angry Birds versions to 3.5 for the current 1.5.3 release. Rovio still hasn’t responded to this anger about Angry Birds. But, have a few words to say about the Rovio News that was part of the cause for the anger.

Rovio News in Angry Birds

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Meanwhile, Rovio revealed in tweets that:

1. Angry Birds Rio, the movie tie-in game, will be available on March 22
2. Angry Birds Rio will cost 99 cents

Does this mean that Amazon’s Android app store will also launch on March 22?