Viral Radar: Angry Birds Gets A Live Action Movie Trailer

If director Michael Bay did a film version of Angry Birds, what would it look like? A new viral video answers this question. Check it out after the jump.

Over the weekend a new live action movie trailer spoof from Rooster Teeth started climbing the viral video charts, asking “What would it look like if Michael Bay directed a film about Angry Birds?” That’s right – Rooster Teeth has brought your favorite iPhone game to life. All you Angry Birds fans out there will love it!

Angry Birds: The Movie is a fantastic spoof that shows what this popular iPhone game would look like if it was turned into a film, directed by Michael Bay (who brought you The Rock, Armageddon, Bad Boys and more). They’ve got the birds; they’ve got the pigs; and they’ve got the “penetrable fortresses made of wood, glass, stone.” Oh, and of course they’ve got the slingshots, developed after years and billions of dollars in R&D. The slingshot will change modern warfare as we know it…

But what happens when a soldier starts to listen to his moral compass and says, “Sometimes I don’t know which side I’m fighting for…rescuing the eggs, but killing the birds in the process.” Who’s the real enemy here? Is it the pigs, the birds or the players? You be the judge.

Check out the trailer for Angry Birds: The Movie below and if you’re still hungry for more check out our list of 10 Hilarious Angry Birds Videos.