Android Market 30K App Count Not Necessarily Good News

Mobile app store app count estimates are more art than science. However, MobileCrunch reports that their app count number comes directly from someone at Google. So, let’s assume this is a correct count for this moment in time.

Google: Android Market now serving 30,000 apps

So, given some other estimates we’ve learned about recently, what do we know about the Android app story right now? estimates there are currently 170,000 iPhone apps in the Apps Store. So, the number of Android apps is 17% of the available number of iPhone apps

Frank wrote less than a month ago that:

Android Market Has The Most Free Apps

In it he cites a report that pegs the number of free Android apps at 53% of the total. If this percentage is still accurate we can assume that:

– 15,900 Android apps are free
– 14,100 Android apps are paid ones
– 42,500 iPhone apps are free
– 127,500 iPhone apps are paid ones

So, while the total number of Android apps is only 17% of the total number of iPhone apps, the story is even worse in the paid apps category. The percentage of paid Android apps to paid iPhone apps is a mere 11%.

I noted earlier this week that:

Average Android User Spends 1/10th of What iPhones Users Spend on Apps

I cited a report that estimates 98.9% of Android apps installed are free ones. This collective information does not bode well for the overall health of the Android app market. Google really needs to get on ball and provide more support to developers to produce quality desirable paid apps or provide ways for free app developers to include non-annoying advertisements in apps. This is the only way Android will ever develop a healthy app eco-system and maintain a happy population of end-users.