Android Malware Seeing Huge Increases: Malware Generated Status Updates Soon?

Most of us do not consider the possibility of a malware infected smartphone. And, broadly speaking, there has not been a large scale issue with phone centered malware., however, reports that:

Android Malware Quadrupled in Six Months

Android’s large market share combined with issues in its security model and wide open Android Market has provided a tempting attack surface for malware developers according to Juniper Networks and Bullguard who wrote the report. They also note that Apple’s iOS platform used in the iPhone and iPad does not have much in the way of malware problems.

Google’s Android is, unfortunately, beginning to resemble Microsoft’s Windows platform in terms of both significant marketshare as well as a high profile target for malware developers.

Will an email, tweet or Facebook update status from your Android phone be actually sent off from malware someday?