Android Apps Leads Web Use 67 to 33%. But, Shifting 10 Apps to the Web Reverses This

Nielsenwire provided a few data teasers that will be expanded on September 15 during a free webinar titled All About Android. While there is much left unknown based on what they have revealed, what is discussed from their findings has implications for Google’s attempts to shift mobile users away from native apps and to web-based apps.

Mobile Apps Beat the Mobile Web Among US Android Smartphone Users

The data shows that the combined use of apps and accessing the web by Android users is just shy of an hour (56 minutes). 67% (two-thirds) of that time is spent using apps while the remaining 33% (one-third) is spent accessing the web. Assuming those surveyed were not confused by app-looking web services like Gmail in the Android browser, this shows how far Google has to go for their all-in-the-web strategy.

However, it turns out that Google can make a lot of headway by just concentrating on the top 10 (unnamed) Android apps that account for 43% of time spent using Android apps. If Google can web-iffy just these top 10 Android apps (out of hundreds of thousands), it could move redraw the pie chart for apps vs. web use. If all users of these 10 apps could shift to a web based service, the chart would read 61.8% web usage and 38% app usage in a 56 minute period.