Android 2.2 JavaScript Performance Shoots By iPhone 4 iOS 4

Since buying my Motorola Droid last November, I’ve been saying that the web browsing experience using Android’s browser is better than the experience I get on an iPhone. For most of that time I was comparing an iPhone 3G running iPhone OS 3.x to either a Droid or Nexus One running Android OS 2.1. So, arstechnica’s findings don’t necessarily support the statements I made over the past 8 months or so. However, it is interesting to note their finding that:
Android 2.2 demolishes iOS4 in JavaScript benchmarks
I must note that web browsing on the iPhone 4 with its faster processor is quite an improvement over the 3G. However, I still give the edge to Android for the overall web browsing experience I get. Simple aspects like focusing on a column of text or expanding an old school WAP format mobile friendly web page designed for features phones from a decade ago (SlashDot is a good example of this) is performed much better in Android’s web browser. So, while JavaScript performance is important, it is just one aspect of Android’s web browsing experience.