Andrew Rasiej Named Chairman of NY Tech Meetup

The NY Tech Meetup has a new chairman: Personal Democracy Forum founder and longtime New York resident Andrew Rasiej.

Rasiej was also the founder of, Irving Plaza, The New York Nightlife Association, The Digital Club Network, and NetGuard, as well as co-founder of techPresident and senior technology advisor for Sunlight Foundation.

The NY Tech Meetup has more than 12,000 members, including entrepreneurs, software engineers, marketers, and venture capitalists, and its mission is to “advance the New York technology community for its people and the world.”

Rasiej said:

I am honored to be given an opportunity to help lead the NY Tech Meetup because I know that among our members are the leaders who will help bring 21st century innovation to New York City and the country at a critical time in our history.

And NY Tech Meetup organizer Nate Westheimer added:

Andrew has a long history of dedication to New York City and its tech industry and will us help advance our mission to promote the positive impact that technology can have on our city, bringing innovation to the lives of all New Yorkers. Look for exciting new events and developments from us in coming months as we broaden our reach in an effort to maximize our impact and grow our organization’s membership further.