Andrea Arden Introduces iPhone App for Dog Lovers

NYC pet trainer Andrea Arden has partnered with app development company Mighty Mack to introduce a new iOS app for dog owners.

Andrea Arden’s DogFun is a free app designed to be an educational and resourceful tool for dog owners. It includes things like training exercises, ideas for fun activities to do with your four-legged friend, tips on dealing with behavioral problems, as well as tools to help you find help in case of an emergency. The app also taps into your phone’s GPS to help you find pet-friendly locations such as dog runs, parks, pet stores, and vets near where you are located.

The app even includes 175 different quizzes designed to entertain users testing their knowledge of things like history, dog breeds, celebrity dogs, and dog training.

The app is a nice addition to other pet related apps. Where My Dogs At, for instance, lets dog owners search Google Maps for restaurants, hotels, parks, pet stores, vets, and even apartment buildings that welcome man’s best friend based on the user’s location.