And The New Co-Editors Of FishbowlDC Are…

BriannaDamonMeet Brianna Ehley and Damon Marx. Starting Monday, they are your new FishbowlDC Co-Editors.

Brianna, a Minnesota native, covers the Capital for The Fiscal Times. Damon, a DC native (Potomac, MD actually), has worked in the front office of the Wizards while attending the University of Miami.

Tip them early and tip them often. As always, is where to find them. And don’t forget there’s always the Anonymous Tip Box on the homepage.

Today marks my last day swimming in the fishbowl. Starting Monday I’ll be with PBS NewsHour as director of audience engagement and communications. Thanks for diving in with me for the last year or so, and stay tuned for what Brianna and Damon will stir up.

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