Anatomy of an Apple Rumor: Infographic

According to the latest rumors, Apple was supposed to send out invites yesterday for an iPad Mini event. Much to the surprise of the many bloggers who reported on the rumor, that didn’t happen.

This is not uncommon. Apple is the center of a lot of rumors, most of which don’t come true. While I find them a lot of fun to gossip about, I do sometimes wonder how they are invented. That’s why I am sharing this infographic today.

PC Magazine put together this infographic as an explanation for the process. As you can see, the rumors could have any number of sources. Once they’ve been birthed they tend to feed their own growth as they metastasize and sometimes even spawn sub-rumors.

This infographic was originally posted last year, but given the recent falseness of the iPad Mini rumors, it is even more true today than it was then.