Analyst Says Not to Expect Lines at Apple Store for iPad. I Disagree. Here's Why

This time last year there was a lot of uncertainty about how well the iPad would be received. Even its name was the source of jokes. Less than a year later, the iPad is anything but a joke. It has destroyed the netbook market, taken a swipe at the overall PC market, and has industry giants like Google and Microsoft trying to figure out a tablet counterattack. While Apple’s competitors try to compete with the iPad, Apple is getting ready to release the iPad 2 this week Friday (March 11).

AppleInsider reports that analysts believe the iPad 2 will have stronger sales than the original iPad. However, they believe we won’t see the kind of long lines we saw last year because the iPad 2 will be available at many more retail locations (over 10,000 partner locations) than the iPad was (221 U.S. Apple Stores in 2010).

Apple’s iPad 2 launch predicted to have stronger sales but shorter lines

However, don’t be surprised if you see long lines snaking outside of your Apple Store on Friday afternoon. Standing in those lines has become more than simply queuing for something to buy. It has become a small life experience; the kind of thing you talk about with friends and family over the weekend.

I’ll be at my local Apple Store this Friday. How about you?