An App to Prep Your Kindergartener for School

Skills Factory for Kids recently introduced an interactive story app designed to help young kids — and their parents — get used to the idea of going to school for the first time.

Kids follow an animated little boy named Pete in the Little Explorer in Kindergarten app as he gets ready for school from home — use the toilet first! — arrives at kindergarten and then goes through various activities in the classroom. Kids control Pete’s movements by handing him soap to wash his hands, selecting crayons for art class, picking what to do on the playground first and so on.

The app has a nice upbeat soundtrack and narration to it that assures the user throughout about what a good job they’re doing making choices, while also walking them through what is happening in each scene. Here’s an example when Pete first gets to kindergarten: “On the first day of kindergarten everyone is on time…In the beginning, parents accompany children, but then you have to say goodbye, give them a kiss and wish them a good day at work,” chirps Pete the narrator.

The role-playing nature of the app is designed to put kids at ease with what is about to become a regular routine, say its creators.

Little Explorer in Kindergarten is available on iOS or Android for $0.99.