Amy Poehler Didn’t Seem to Enjoy Her Hollywood Reporter Interview

shutterstock_123075118Disclaimer: we love Amy Poehler. Love her.

We also understand why celebrities generally don’t care to answer certain questions that we might call “leading”, which is the Old Media word for “trolling.”

That said, she seemed a little uncomfortable during this Hollywood Reporter interview about Sunday’s Golden Globes, leaving most of the heavy lifting to Tina Fey.

Some of her less amused responses to writer Marisa Guthrie after the jump:

What is the worst pitch you’ve ever been given for an awards show joke?

Poehler: You think I’m going to tell you a bad idea for a joke? You’re f—ing crazy.

NBC is now the Sound of Music network. Are you getting any pressure to do the whole show as a live musical number?

Poehler: OK, I see what you’re doing, you’re going to set up jokes. I’m not falling for that. I didn’t say any of that. I’ve worked at NBC for 12 years so I’m happy they had a successful night of TV.

A challenge: $1,000 if both of you wear Amy Adams’ plunging blouse thing from American Hustle.

Poehler: Oh eww, I don’t want to even answer this question. Pass. Next.

There was some carping about Seth MacFarlane’s Oscar hosting performance last year. What did you think of the “boobs” song?

Poehler: It’s so hard to host. I don’t want to comment on anybody else’s performance.

After a lot of public criticism, SNL is adding an African-American women to the cast. Do you think that criticism was warranted?

Poehler: Ugh, I don’t want to talk about this. Pass.

We do understand Amy’s reaction to these questions, several of which were just not very good (though someone does deserve an Oscar for that Amy Adams dress). But we’re in the clickbait business, so we also feel for the interviewer in her desperate attempts to stir up controversy. At any rate, we imagine the scene was very awkward.

And for the record, we’re still going to watch the Golden Globes…as a recap montage. Love you, Amy.