Amy Pascal ‘Stepping Down’ at Sony: Too Little, Too Late

Long time coming


But she looks like such a nice lady!

Everyone saw this coming: Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, is stepping down to “launch a major new production venture at the studio.

Translation: she got demoted. We’ve read enough well-spun corporate statements to know that this is the beginning of the end for Pascal, though she will still get production credits on the coming Ghostbusters reboot and future Amazing Spider-Man movies.

Way back in December (it feels so long ago), Pascal got the attention of the PR community after hacked emails revealed that she’d facilitated the firing of comms director Charles Sipkins for failing to score her a seat at the Hollywood Reporter roundtable. (There’s been no word on Sipkins’ replacement, and recent press releases don’t include specific contact information.)

Sipkins must be feeling a bit of the old schadenfreude today, though. From Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lyton:

“I am happy to say that Amy’s decision is not the end of her relationship with the studio but the start of a new and exciting chapter in her extraordinary career that promises to be mutually beneficial.”

In case you forgot (and who could), Pascal had to meet with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson after the hack revealed racially insensitive emails and unflattering statements about Angelina Jolie and others sent to producer Scott Rudin.

Remember this photo by Alex J. Berliner/ABImages via AP Images?


Good times.

The most surprising thing about today’s news may be that it didn’t happen sooner.