Amy Grillo of Hachette Talks Discounted eBook Pricing

Authors have been embracing $1.99 and $2.99 pricing on eBooks. Amy Grillo, associate manager, digital book accounts at Hachette spoke to eBookNewser about her thoughts on the subject.
EBN: What benefit do you have dropping the price from $9.99 to $1.99?
AG: This is a period of experimentation and Hachette wants to test different strategies for raising author and brand awareness. We will continue to try different methods, including occasionally down pricing certain authors or titles.
EBN: Which titles work best for the $1.99 price tag?
AG: Our approach in general at this point has been to try price experimentation with backlist titles to see if it will increase author awareness of his or her other titles.
EBN: What percentage does this generally increase sales by?
AG: It varies from title to title. We can see anything from zero increase to significant increases of one hundred percent or more.
EBN: Is there a concern that making it too low will make the book seem less desirable?
AG: That’s something we’ve thought about and a perception we’d like to avoid. We think savvy customers will recognize that these promotions are intended to introduce them to new content, but that they are not a sustainable long term model. So we’ll continue to test, analyze, and refine our promotions and provide customers with a good deal for a good book.